Our Mission

To create a fun, engaging and shopping experience for families and children, and  provide a unique shopping experience to customers with unmatched value in terms of quality of products and services, while continuously exploring new market opportunities and adding value to all its business associates.

Our Vision 

To be the leading family mall in the area where we are offering our best wuality shops for all ages in the heart of the capital of UAE Abu Dhabi.

Team message

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to our website. We hope you will find it not just user-friendly and informative, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Abu Dhabi is a blend of many factors with a free and neutral international environment with all the amenities of a modern city, coupled with traditional Arabian hospitality, warmth, friendliness and peace.

We kindly invite you to explore the various options of our website and we appreciate any feedback that you may have to offer. We look forward to serving you in new and innovative ways today and in the future.


Fotouh Al Khair Mall is owned and operated by Emistate Realty, Abu Dhabi’s long- established property owner and operator.  Established in November 1999, the mall was fondly known by most residents and taxi drivers as the ‘Marks & Spencer’ mall.  

The mall is geographically located in the centre of Abu Dhabi Island, providing easy access to the local residents and visitors alike for their shopping needs. It spans over 7,674.55 square meters, with its adjoining gleaming glass towers that have become one of the most impressive landmarks in the city and home to many prestigious international companies. 

Benefits to rent at our mall

We believe that by designing novel and memorable experiences for the children and their families, we are making a positive contribution to the future in a big way. Here are some more reasons to consider renting at the Fotouh Al Khair Mall.

Fotouh Al Khair Mall is in the nucleus of the Abu Dhabi city, making it a dream location, right at the confluence of Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Street and Hamdan Street.

Since Fotouh Al Khair Mall came into existence in 1999, it has an existing reputation as a children and family friendly mall. We are now taking the experience even further, by expanding on this concept. 

The mall exudes a beautiful ambiance where Abu Dhabi’s cultural heritage is blended perfectly with modern facilities and trendy mall offerings for the children, women and families. The architecture of the mall is friendly, making it a comfortable mall for the whole family to shop in and be entertained. 

The team at Fotouh Al Khair Mall are easy to approach with rental queries. They are here to support and deliver exceptional service with a high sense of professionalism

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